Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Memorial Park Library

Recently someone had told me about the Memorial Park Library, a grand sandstone edifice erected in 1908-1912 as Calgary's first purpose-built library. Apparently, Andrew Carnegie put up 80% of the funds, as he did with 124 other libraries in Canada between 1903 and 1922.

As a historic building, it is quite impressive -- high ceilings, fireplaces, ornate finishings and beautiful grounds. As a library, it is smallish, but very usable. We found we were the only ones in the kids section, so we had the kiddie computer all to ourselves.

I got busted for taking photos inside, so most of the shots are from outside, where Katie managed to step in some mud -- which both fascinated and distressed her.

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Jenny said...

Impressive pictures! I can see you are really honing your photography skillz (yup, that's right).