Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is over ALREADY?

The final week of school was essentially canceled because of the flooding. A week after the floods hit, all the students in Scott's school went in for the morning to have an assembly, collect their report cards and gather up a year's worth of journals and other treasures.

Comments from Scott's teacher on his report card:

"Scott continued to frequently add ideas to our large-group discussions. His contribution to our classroom 'Important Book', that clothes were important 'because without them we would not have many friends', was funny insightful, and well-received by his peers."

"Scott's real area of strength was math, and daily he searched for ways to make connections between his strong number sense and our inquiry learning. When learning that our caterpillars' bodies had 13 segments and each segment had 2 legs, Scott's hand shot up in the air and he excitedly announced to his friends that each caterpillar would have 26 legs. When asked how he came up with that answer, he eloquently replied, 'I add 2 tens together because that is easy, then just add 3+3. I see that in my brain."

Coins for Calgary - Scott donated some of his larger coins to the flood relief effort. This sacrifice was probably easier for him because he just received word that he had won a $50 prize from Lego Club Jr.

We just had to snap a photo with Scott's two best friends. These boys are all in the same Sunday School class at church too. That means 6 days a week together, plus a pretty substantial lobbying effort for ongoing playdates.

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