Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OBX Day 5: Part 1 - Back at Jennette's Pier

Having scoped out Jennette's Pier on Sunday, we returned a few days later to take advantage of the great beach and the smaller waves. The water is quite shallow leading out to a sandbar, which absorbs most of the energy from the incoming waves and makes a great spot for kids to wade.

Scott watched a boy skim-boarding on the water's edge, and spent the rest of the day trying to copy his technique. Scott lacked a few critical elements, including a true skim board and any forward momentum. Otherwise, he did a good job of standing on his board and posing for pictures.

The little girls were not interested in going in the water at all. In fact, Katie screamed when I tried to have her stand up in 3 inches of water on the sandbar. Instead, we dug a hole in the sand deep enough to be filled with water. The hole needed occasional digging to maintain the water level, but they were happy whether it was there or not, chirping merrily as they played with little boats, pails and shovels.

A great day at the beach.

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