Sunday, June 09, 2013

OBX Day 2: The Fog and the Pier

Tropical Storm Andrea threatened to ruin our carefully-laid plans. We knew that the Outer Banks were prone to hurricane activity, but we picked a week that was in a "hurricane off-season" to minimize the risks. The week leading up to our trip was riddled with storm warnings and we were starting to worry.

I visited every store I could think of in search of some decent rain jackets. Apparently, stores stock these items in about February and sell out of them before the rain actually appears. Finally, in the back corner of The Bay I found some classic nostalgia: K-Way windbreakers. Every detail that I remember from my youth is there: the stuff-pocket, the little metal hook belt buckle, the retro yellow and orange lining beside the zipper. They were an awesome find.

They were also unnecessary.

Angry Andrea blew through the day before we flew in, leaving little behind but a fog in her wake. As it was Sunday and we were not interested in swimming, we were content to explore the local beach. I only shot one video the whole trip, and it was this bit of Scott playing near the water's edge. It was like he was playing a spirited game of tag with the Atlantic Ocean, shrieking his trademark laugh the entire time.

We also strolled along Jennette's Pier in nearby Nags Head. It is hard to say which was more impressive, the skate fish that the fisherman kept flinging back into the water, or the impressive hair on the fisherman himself. If I ever get back to that pier I will be sure to bring enough to make a more fulsome donation. Whoops.

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