Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OBX Day 4: Wright Brothers

In preparation for our trip, we watched a DVD documentary about the Wright Brothers amazing achievements in aviation, including the first powered flight at Kill Devil Hills, just a mile away from the house we had rented. We spent a morning at the Wright Brothers Memorial, which includes indoor museum displays, outdoor markers showing their flight distances, a towering monument on a nearby hill, and a civil aviation airfield that was in use by small private craft just a stone's throw from where we walked.

To our surprise and delight, a US Army Blackhawk helicopter landed in the field right beside the flight markers, and the flight crew let the kids climb aboard and even sit in the pilot's seat.

We capped off the day with some NC-style BBQ in Kitty Hawk and some ice cream. In the photo, you might notice that Tay is looking down at Katie. This is because she dropped the whole scoop of chocolate ice cream in her lap. I think we managed to get ice cream most days on this trip. I credit Tay's influence for that one.

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