Thursday, August 08, 2013

Summer 2013: Adventures in Train Travel

We had lots of time to ourselves in North Salt Lake, as our hosts were both at work during the day. We decided to go to the Gateway Children's Museum in downtown Salt Lake, but we opted to take the FrontRunner double-decker commuter train to make it more interesting. And it was definitely interesting.

Although I had checked the train schedules and learned that it runs every 30 minutes, I hadn't noticed that the frequency drops to hourly late in the morning. We had a delay getting out of the house in the morning, but I figured it would be fine. Well, instead we arrived a few minutes after one train had departed and had about 45 minutes to kill. We sat on the platform and ate our lunch. Then the kids played with the payphone for a while.

Southbound Platform

Then, just a few minutes before the train was supposed to arrive, Katie suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I picked her up and rushed off the platform and hunkered her down behind some bushes. She really did well under pressure, as she has never had to go anywhere other than on the potty. Scott came running over to me with some kleenex, and we could already see the train coming down the track towards the platform. I got all Katie's clothes put back together and we raced back to board the train.

Of course we had to sit upstairs on the second level of the train.

Horsey Rides

The Children's museum was pretty good, but it was one of the busiest that we have ever visited, which meant that it wasn't very easy to relax. And that was before a Kung Fu summer camp showed up and 40 kids in green t-shirts were let loose on the area we were in.

Mail Carriers

I think one of the best things there was the little village that had a house, a store and a farm, and you could be a mail carrier and deliver letters to the various mailboxes (including the dog house). The kids did the mail route several times.

Pay Phone

Every time we found another pay phone the kids got a kick out of picking it up and listening until the recorded voice came on and gave instructions. Phones have changed a lot, and a payphone like this one seems like a bit of a novelty.

Homebound Platform

The train trip home went according to schedule, but it was noteworthy because of the massive windstorm that whipped up around us as we walked to the station. We happened to be near a vacant lot and there was a massive amount of dust thrown at us.

Katie & R

The scenery between Gateway and Woods Cross station isn't the best -- mostly oil refineries and industrial yards. We ended up taking a lot of pictures of ourselves along the way instead.

Scott & D

When we got home Scott had a bit of a breakthrough. Until this point, he has always needed someone to push him on a swing. Today he learned to swing on his own. This thrilled both of us, as my under-duck responsibilities can be passed on a bit. Way to go buddy.

Learning to Swing

More Wasps

When our hosts Brad & Katie got home from work we went out to dinner in Bountiful at the Mandarin, which is supposed to be THE plance to get Chinese food in town. Sadly, it is also THE place to get stung by wasps. Little Katie was just walking to the front door when a wasp got trapped between her hair and her neck and panicked, stinging her 3 times on the neck. Once again, she took it like a trooper, but her mistrust of wasps is growing.


The food really was delicious. R has always loved Chinese food. She loves it even more now that she has to avoid gluten, since almost anything on the menu can be made gluten free. We had a great visit in North Salt Lake and Bountiful. Can't wait to go back!

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