Friday, August 23, 2013

Basketball Camp

This summer Scott and Hayden went to basketball camp every morning for a week. It was great that they could go there together. On the last day they had "Crazy Hair & Clothes Day", where they were encouraged to dress it up a bit. Scott went all spikes and stars while Hayden opted for the classic fauxhawk.

The boys have done biddy ball at the church before, so they already had a grasp of things. Those basics served them really well and allowed them to get into passing and scoring really well by the end of the week. Scott has also learned some basics of defense and one of the people he played against turned to the coaches and said, "What is he doing? He's not allowed to that, is he?" I am brimming up with so much pride inside.

These boys are official. They have the certificates to prove it.

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