Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fathers & Kids Camp

We had another great Fathers & Kids camp this year. The weather was perfect and there weren't any bugs to speak of. Word must have gotten out about how good last year's camp was, because it seemed like there twice as many people this time around... and no dogs -- that made things a lot better for our family, since there was less hiding in the truck this year.

The river showed some signs of the high flow that had come through in late June. There were lots of rocks. And lots of rocks were thrown into the river.

We slept in a tent this year, rather than trying to sleep in the truck again. It worked out really well. Katie and her friend Elly liked to just hang out in the tent together. It seemed to get a bit cold at night, but I gave each of the kids a handwarmer stuffed into a sock in the middle of the night (a clean sock, don't worry) and that helped them feel toasty again. They were wrapped in two sleeping bags each and wearing hoodies. You would think that would have been enough.

As usual, there was a great hot breakfast with eggs and bacon and the works. Then there were tons of kid games, including tug of war, parachutes and then filling helium balloons with dixie cup baskets below to look like hot air balloons. We had a great time, but I didn't let the kids play with sticks in the campfire, so they were a bit disappointed with that.

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