Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer 2013: Shooting Party

Scott was VERY excited to visit Grandma & Grandpa's house to SHOOT GUNS. When he wasn't talking about driving remote-controlled cars, he was talking about shooting.

My Dad figured out a pretty clever way for everyone to take part in shooting with very little recoil and lots of POP and POW. He got out a Daisy BB pistol and we shot at balloon targets. Each time you hit the target you got a satisfying POP.

Speaking of pops, I found a big box of Tootsie Pops in a box inside the house. Also in the box there was a pair of ear muffs and shooting glasses. I commented on it to my Mom. She said that they like to shoot the Tootsie Pops. They got the idea from the Top Shot TV show. Mom said she likes it how the candy explodes when you shoot it.

They watch shooting shows together, and they also shoot together. Dad told us that he suggested to Mom that he could take her out to dinner in town and then go for a movie or something. She said that she would like that, but she would actually prefer to eat in at home and then just shoot in the back yard. I think they grow to love each other more every day, to the point where they are becoming one person.

Anyways, they have a bunch of these Tootsie Pops and they let the older boys shoot them the previous week while they were there. However, they boys left a couple of the suckers out when they finished. In the interim, the wasps had been working hard at eating all the sugar. Have you ever wondered what a Tootsie Pop looks like after about a week with a wasp? Fascinating stuff. I tried to shoot the wasp off the sucker with no success.

Scott did really well with the shooting, getting more and more accurate and consistent as the evening went along. I think he and the wasps would have been happy to stay out there all night if we had let him. When Grandpa took the gun from him to reload it or check it, Scott would immediately ask when he could have another turn. He is very focused.

Everybody got a turn to shoot. Katie got some help from her Dad to aim it, but pulling the trigger was her thing. We hit a bunch of balloons too.

Katie took some breaks from shooting to help Grandma pick raspberries on the bush nearby. Note the protective eyewear -- you would hate to have a rogue berry jump in your eye, right?

A beautiful night in the outdoors -- shooting stuff.

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