Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Four Days at West Ed: Day 1

[Feb 12 2014]

The last few years we have managed to get away for a week or so during the winter and it has been so fantastic to have the break. So, when last summer was over we already started looking ahead to winter plans.

Our first thought was Disneyland. Lots of fun and warmer than here. However, we remembered how cold and rainy it was the other time we had tried Disneyland in the winter, and we thought maybe we should try somewhere that would be considerably warmer. Arizona and Florida were marginally warmer, but not so much that we were jumping up and down about it, and Florida was going to be a long flight anyway.

How about Mexico? We started looking at some all-inclusive places that seemed really nice. We were a little concerned about gluten-free eating, but it seemed that there were definitely options available, particularly at the nicer resorts. This sounded like it would cost more than California.

Then we thought of Edmonton. Sure, it's not as exotic, but the travel time is less than 3 hours by car and there is tons to do inside West Edmonton Mall. We found out we could get a 5-day pass to all the mall attractions for our family of four for less than it would cost for one of us to do a few days at Disneyland. Our kids were sooooo excited about it when we told them the news that we would spend 4 days there in February.

Day 1:

We had the Galaxyland amusement park pretty much to ourselves. The kids could go on their favourite rides over and over again.

We did a round of bowling and then tried out some mini-golf. At the bowling alley we were next to a foursome of 20-somethings who had been dipping in the sauce pretty heavy. This one girl recruited Scott to help her bowl her turns. I don't think he figured out the real reason why she was so overly outgoing. He did his best for her, making strategic use of the granny guide to knock down a decent number of pins.

Finished up with Pinkberry before heading back to the hotel.

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