Tuesday, March 11, 2014

West Ed: Day 4

[Feb 15 2014]

Our last day at the mall was a Saturday, and we weren't anxious to fight the crowds, since we had basically tried everything once. True to form, we hit Galaxyland before it was too crazy.

We were among the very first customers ever to play at Dragon's Tale glow-in-the-dark mini golf. The setting was pretty awesome, although the game play was less inspiring. We managed to jam the gears on one of their mechanical obstacles, which the operator had believed was "bullet-proof". I felt bad for him, and I hoped that wasn't the first of many such incidents. I was able to fix the problem by jamming my putter handle into the intake port, dislodging Katie's glowing-pink golf ball.

With the weekend crowds pouring in from every entrance, we retreated to the west end of the mall to watch The Lego Movie. As with pretty much any movie, Katie was pretty freaked out by the bad guys and any other suspense. By the mid-way point she was sitting in my lap. And just like any other movie, when we cleared the apex, she was suddenly so relieved that she was laughing and celebrating out loud with the characters in the film. She is so funny about movies. We try our best to find things that won't be scary, but she has too much empathy for the characters. The upside to this is that she is more delighted than anyone by a happy ending. Both of them said their favourite part was when Batman throws tons of little batarangs at a button and then says "First Try!" when it finally lights up green.

After the movie we bowled another round. The kids argued a little bit about who would get to ride on top of the ball return, but they mostly had fun. Scott loves the competition and could play longer, but ten frames is maybe a bit much for Katie. This is interesting, because she never wants to stop skiing or skating or swimming.

After bowling we had time to do one last thing, so we asked the kids to choose what they wanted to do. They both wanted totally different things, so we split up.

Scott: yellow roller coaster

Katie: penguins

We somehow forgot the zip line yet again. We will just have to go back to Edmonton again, I suppose. A day or two after we got home we polled the kids to see if they would still be excited to go or if they were sick of it. They shouted with one voice "YES!"

It was a great family vacation. One the best we have ever had. Despite being -25C the whole time. Edmonton is pretty much the happiest place on earth, as far as we are concerned.

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