Friday, March 28, 2014

Shredding the Greens at The Fish

Friday the Kalispell kids were still in school, so the three of us took the slopes on our own. There was about a foot of recent snow and the conditions were wonderful.

Katie is getting used to riding the chair lift, but she is also happy to just cruise the magic carpets sometimes as well. While we there, the photographer got a picture of each of us. I couldn't resist Katie's cuteness, so I bought one. And how often does someone get a picture of me? I got one of each of us.

Scott found this little trail that went off behind some cabins and then through a tunnel before looping back to the lift. There were a few big bumps as you came out of the tunnel, so Katie didn't really want to do it again. Scott did it all day long. He essentially abandoned us and did his own thing, keeping track of how many laps he could do. He wouldn't even ride the chair with us if we were close to him, because he didn't want to lose any time.

Because he was always off in some tunnel through the trees, the on-slope photographer never got a picture of him. But I managed to find him at the end of the day.

On the way back from the hill we met up with our cousins to see Muppets Most Wanted, which was absolutely hilarious. It was a pretty full day.

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