Monday, March 10, 2014

West Ed: Day 3 (Valentine's Day)

[Feb 14 2013]

Katie's Build-A-Bear/Pony came with a sheet of Valentine's cards that we punched out and addressed to each other, as well as to the Smith cousins who were coming up join us at the waterpark for the day. We got to mall a bit early and went on some rides while we were waiting for them to arrive at the food court for lunch.

Let me tell you, going on Scott's favourite spinning-roller-coaster ride is not the best warm-up for lunch. Eugh.

At the World Waterpark

We didn't take any pictures at the waterpark until we were on our way out. I noticed one group of girls who had brought their bedazzled iPhones into the hot tub to snap some quality photos. Perhaps the pink glitter also doubles as waterproofing?

The bottom line is that we didn't get any photos of us tearing down all sorts of slides, including one corkscrew-shaped slide where you go upside-down. You would think that would be the scary part, but the worst is at the top, when you step into the breech of the tilted purple phonebooth and they close the coffin-door-hatch, lock it with a key, and then an electronic voice counts down from three before the floor drops out below you. Those three seconds that you are locked in there are the scariest -- and that includes the sensation of having the floor drop out on you from 6 stories up.

Katie was a bit freaked out by the slides at first, but she found one that she really liked and she and her cousin Adalia did loops on that slide for an hour at least. They just needed an adult to stand on the stairs and watch as they did laps.

Scott and the older kids enjoyed the wave pool more than anything, although they did try every slide they were big enough to ride. We fully intended to pay the $10 to ride the zip line that streaks across the length of the waterpark, but we were having so much fun on the slides that we ran out of time. We snapped a quick photo on our way out to the foodcourt that we called home. Katie and Adalia disappeared during the meal, causing a bit of a panic. They turned up at the other end of the food court, and Katie's version of the story is that she went along to try to convince Adalia to come back. After bidding farewell to our cousins, we settled our pasta dinner with a few more spinny rides before heading back to the hotel.

Only one day left.

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