Sunday, February 03, 2013


The ward primary president (head of the children's Sunday school in our congregration) was changed on Sunday. The lady who had been serving in the position for the last few years stood at the podium and shared her feelings in our church service on Sunday. I told Scott that she was a bit emotional because she wasn't going to be the leader anymore and would miss being with all the kids. He said,
"She actually likes me. Because she is in our class."

He was a bit confused why she would change. I explained that even the bishop (head of the congregation) can change sometimes. I told him that our bishop from our old ward (Scott describes him as the one whose hair has slid down to the sides of his head) is not the bishop anymore, but someone else is the bishop there now. I told him that both his grandpas had been bishops before, but now they are not.

S: Were you ever bishop dad?
D: No. Would you want me to be Bishop?
S: Yes.
D: Why? Then I would have to sit up at the front and not with you.
S: But then you would know all the candies that I like.
(In both this ward and our previous ward the bishop has handed out candies to the kids after church.)

I had to fight not to laugh out loud.