Friday, February 15, 2013

Date Night: Gluten Free, Crowd Free

February date night was scheduled for the day after Valentine's Day, hopefully to avoid the crowds of nannies and romantics (and romantic nannies). As it turns out, crowds were still an issue -- we really could have used a few more people to fill the space.

We had dinner at Calgary's first and only all-gluten-free restaurant: Heaven Artisan GF Cuisine on 17th Avenue. I had purchased some vouchers recently that got us $40 worth of food credit for only $20, and I figured there would be a lot of other people crawling over each other to use the vouchers, so I made a reservation for 7pm. Good thing. It is possible that they could have chosen to close the place early if they didn't know we were coming. Actually, there were two other couples in the place when we arrived, but eventually we were the only ones left in there, and we were severely outnumbered.

The food was absolutely fabulous. We got a fabulous sampler appetizer, R got an enormously cheesey lasagna and I got a plate of 4 different tacos (the shrimp taco was the best). We followed it up with a great dessert of fried plantains in a sweet cinnamon syrup. We will definitely be going back.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some time alone in the Eau Claire cinema, waiting for The Quartet to begin. Eventually, another few couples came in just before the show started, so we didn't have the whole place to ourselves. I shouldn't be surprised, since the film was about a retirement home full of former professional musicians, but we were several decades younger than the average age in there.

The movie was lots of fun and the food was fabulous. A wonderful date night with my Valentine.