Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Everybody knows that Valentine's Day is a crazy day to try to go out for dinner. So we went out for lunch instead and stayed home for dinner.

There was no school that day (Teacher's Convention) so R brought the kids downtown on the train and we ate together at the food court on the top floor of the Eaton's Centre. It was a pretty lively day there at the mall, with part of the 2nd-level concourse turned into a dance floor.

The kids got a chance to see the Devonian Gardens (including several enormous fish) and took LOTS of turns going down the slide at the severely crowded indoor playground. Apparently, everyone goes out for dinner in the evening on Valentine's Day, but all the nannies take their charges to the indoor playground for lunch.

In the evening we had a Valentine-themed dinner where everything was shaped as a heart, from strawberries and ice cubes right down to the salmon. Scott really enjoys having "fancy" dinners, so he loves these occasions.

I love these occasions because I get cute notes from the kids and new tube socks.

Date night was officially set for the following evening. Hopefully all the nannies will stay home and we can have the playground to ourselves.

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