Monday, February 18, 2013

Local Celebrities

On Family Day we went to a rally to raise awareness about the prospects for a middle school in our community. It was pretty much the only cold day we had in all of February, so we bundled up in bulky coats and braved the elements in support of our cause. We also ate some chocolate chip cookies and played around on the ice rink.

While we were there a reporter from a free-circulation newspaper asked us some questions and we ended up with our quote being used in one article and our picture being used in another:

At least three people saw the article and told us about it, so that pretty much makes us famous. Hopefully, we aren't known best for our public protests and righteous indignation. Hopefully, I am known best for my fabulous beard.

1 comment:

margo said...

Nice quote D....and nice beard. :)