Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day 1: Bear Poops & Soggy Fireworks

We came back to Highland from Provo in time to go see the local fireworks show (celebrating Pioneer Day). Scotty got to stay up late for the show, but Katie had a quick snack and was headed to bed.

Uncle Joke got her giggling hysterically when he asked if her Bear Paw snack (which she pronounces "Bear Pop") was called a Bear Poop. The giggles must have gone on for five minutes straight.

Once R had carted Katie off to bed for the night, the rest of us piled into the Suburban to find good viewing spot where the road passes by a large city park. We cranked open the sunroof and set up a vantage point from atop the roof.

The fireworks show got even better when one of the cars several spots down from us suddenly got soaked by a sprinkler that came on. We laughed at their misfortune as they scrambled for cover. We commented among ourselvs there was no way that sprinkler could be so poorly calibrated that it would rotate all the way around to hit us, since that would mean it was pretty much shooting straight out into the street. We continued to sit on the roof of the Suburban, waiting for it to stop rotating. But it never did. When it hit, I quickly pushed Scotty down through the sunroof before the spray caught me dead on. Completely soaked.

We watched the rest of the show from inside the car, occasionally turning on the windshield wipers.

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