Thursday, August 02, 2012

Vacation Day 1: Boondocks

Our 10-day summer road trip took us to Utah, Idaho and Montana. Technically, the first day was actually a 15-hour driving day from Calgary to Highland, but other than an emergency stop near Lima, Montana to avert a puking incident, the day was uneventful and not particularly noteworthy. So we will start with our first full day in Utah, where we met up with R's brother B and his girlfriend K for lunch and some games at the Boondocks fun center in Draper.

We kicked it off on the go-cart track, where Katie rode with Mom and Scott rode with Dad. I feel bad for Scott, because I think he had the fattest driver and we seemed to lag behind the other cars. He seemed to like it though.

We retreated from the oppressive heat of the outdoor track to the cool glow of the arcade games. Scott was in heaven playing all the games while Katie tried out the toddler climbing area. Since she hadn't had a nap, she struggled with the climbing area, faring better at the kiddie arcades.

We blew tons of tokens on silly games to win tickets. Right near the end, Scott hit the jackpot on the Price-is-Right styled spinner and won 250 tickets in one shot. It takes a long time for 250 tickets to come out of a machine.

We cashed in our hard-won tickets for some really cheap toys. Scott finally got the whoopee cushion he's wanted since he saw a friend get one at a birthday party.

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