Friday, August 24, 2012

Scott's Perpective on the War Museum

R went out for lunch one Saturday, so I decided to take the kids to the Military Museum. Every time we take a trip down to the US we point out the dramatically-posed CF-5 Fighter near Crowchild Trail and comment on how interesting it would be to go visit the museum.

Aside from one frightening incident with the alarm system, we had a fabulous time. Even after I had been warned, I accidentally pointed too close to one of the displays and deafening alarms went off all around us. Katie had been doing pretty well up until that point, but she was a bit anxious for the rest of the trip. Scott reminded me every few minutes not to point at anything.

Scott brought along our compact camera and had fun taking pictures of whatever interested him. He really liked the miniature models of various warships. He also took a photo of a movie we were watching about jets. I omitted the close-up picture he took of Katie's (clothed) rear end.

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