Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 5: Pokey

After a strong initial run in Utah County, our family reunion went on tour for the next few days, beginning with Pocatello, Idaho. We encountered a family of moose (mother and two new calves) just before pulling up the alpine driveway to my parents' cabin in the hills, and then were mesmerized by the constant flow of hummingbirds to the pair of feeders on the deck. They were not shy about buzzing right past your head as you stood there watching.

I hijacked my mom's convertible when we all went out to play mini golf for the evening. The kids were really excited about getting into the car, but once we got going down the road they started suggesting that it was too windy for their liking. Too bad, kids. This roof is staying down.

The mini golf was kind of the same way. Katie was really excited to get her pink putter and ball, but once she got on the course she broke down a bit emotionally. Maybe she was just a bit tired from all the driving. Maybe she puts too much pressure on herself to perform at a high level. I'm going to guess that she was tired.

Great Grandma W came out to the house for a visit, which was a pleasure. I have wanted to get the kids out to see her house, but the short nature of our visit didn't allow enough time. Next visit, for sure. Everyone should get the chance to visit Grandma's house.

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