Friday, August 03, 2012

Day 1: Dinner

R's grandparents live in Provo and they were kind enough to take us all out to dinner at their favourite haunt -- the Olive Garden. I wish I had snapped more than one photo of them, since Grandma's eyes were closed in the one I got. Oh well.

It was nice to see Brad and get to know Katie a bit more. They had to hurry off back to SLC to catch the evening show of Wicked, but we still had time for Brad to play some quality games of Barrel of Monkeys, which Scott had just acquired with his big ticket jackpot.

Love this shot of Grandpa. The one I got of Grandma she is covering her face with both her hands, so I guess it wasn't her day for photographs.

After dinner we said goodbye to Brad and Katie and went back to Grandpa and Grandpa's house for some Wii Sports and a few games of pool (Grandpa wiped the floor with me in pool). Scott was initiated in the long tradition of Grandma's Candy Jar. Lots of fun. Hope we can go back and visit soon.

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