Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 4: Highland Manor

Although we did get away to the splash park in the morning, mostly we just lazed away our final day together in the comfort of J&J's house, which is so fantastic that it should be considered referred to as the "Manor House" and the back yard referred to as "the grounds." The kids loved the sandbox and hardly did anything all afternoon and evening but work on a massive building project. Katie and Ava became inseparable as they played and giggled together. Such cute little girls.

Aunica and Emily capped off the meal with an experimental dessert of ice cream in homemade milk chocolate bowls, and then uncle Joke converted one corner of the grounds into an outdoor theatre for a viewing of Cars2 -- we had to watch the final few minutes under the protection of a patio umbrella, but that just added to the experience, I think.

A fabulous time spent at Highland Manor. So much fun. So many games of Ticket to Ride.


Jamie Wride said...

Fun times! Ava loved watching the video.

JwRiDe said...

and howabout those earlies? so choice...