Sunday, November 04, 2012

Birthday Suit

You may find it shocking to hear that I went to church in my birthday suit:

Yes, I wore shoes when it came to actually leave the house. R helped measure me up for this suit, which was custom fitted and shipped to me in time for my birthday. It showed up 4 days before the big day, but I showed significant self-restraint in handing the box over to her to hang up the suit until Sunday.

Scott was very excited to wear a poppy to church in anticipation of Remembrance Day. I was going to wear the one with the Canada flag pin in the center until he saw it and decided that it was meant for him. I figured that he was safer with that style of pin anyway. The regular poppies are an accident waiting to happen when combined with a very active child. I used a pair of pliers to put one on Katie's church dress, bending the sharp end of the pin back on itself 3 or 4 times.

As usual, I shared the birthday limelight with our nephew Hayden, who turned 6 the same week. However, since we were gathered on my actual birthday, I successfully lobbied for pumpkin pie. Delicious.

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Jessica said...

Lookin' sharp in that suit. Happy belated birthday!