Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chinese Worker

When your son tells you what his dream job is, it is probably best not to laugh--

S: Dad, do you know what I want to be when I grow up?
D: What?
S: A Chinese worker.
D: Bahahahah!
R: I think he means that he would like to have job where he gets to travel to China.
D: Oh. Sorry Scotty. That sounds pretty cool.

This conversation happened a few weeks ago. Then last night we went to Parent-Teacher Interviews and while we waited for our turn to speak with the teacher, Scott showed us his visual journal, where he does a fill-in-the-blank statement and then draws an accompanying illustration.

One one page of the journal was the statement: "When I grow up I want to ..."
Scott's teacher had helped him fill it in with "Work in China." He had another page that was a list of things about him (favourite colour, family, etc), and in a similar blank he had put "Work in the big buildings like my Daddy and work in China."

I think I need to ask him to explain the rest of the story. Where did he get this idea? Probably not from reading headlines from the news. Is it because he likes to watch the Chinese-themed kids show "Ni Hoa Ki Lan"? A mystery.