Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First School Photos

Picture day came and went at Scott's school back in September. We received a order form from the school asking us to select which poses they should use for the session. We went for the ones that seemed the most natural. We even planned out what he should wear. On the big day, R put him in his light blue shirt and his black v-neck sweater, spiked up his hair and sent him off to school, curious what kind of pictures would come back. She figured he would manage to grind his head into something within minutes, and the sculpted hair would revert back to neutral.

In the end, the hair was immaculate. The picture turned out very cute, even though he isn't smiling. He looks so grown up and so tiny all at the same time. We ordered the high-resolution version of this photo for sharing and printing. We also selected the low-resolution version of his "natural pose" just because it was so unnatural, yet it captures Scott caught between the pose and a forced smile. Love it.

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