Friday, November 23, 2012

Fancy Anniversary Dinner Chez Nous

As I left the house on the morning of our 12th anniversary, I found a note hanging on the doorknob to the garage door. In it was an invitation to dinner, which would begin at 5:00pm. I didn't know where we were going, but I made sure I was home on time.

When I came in the door I was greeted immediately by Scott, clad in a faux-tuxedo apron and a menu. He wanted to know what I would like to drink. He had his instructions and he planned to carry them out to the letter. I had my choice of juice, milk or sparkling cider. I chose the latter, which added 2 smooches to my bill.

We had a 3-course meal by candlelight at our kitchen table, and Scott was the waiter. He was very enthusiastic about serving the food, although I was on my own to clear away my dishes. Katie was sad that she didn't get a fancy apron, so she wore her ballerina tutu on top of her clothes.

Katie indulged us by taking a quick photo after our meal. As noted, I owed the proprietor several kisses. R went off to get the babysitter and I tried to balance the demands of both children (Scott wanted help with his Lego and Katie wanted to keep using the camera) while I got changed into a suit.

We met up with R's granparents, parents, her brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law to attend the Calgary Temple and go to the sealing room to participate in proxy sealings on behalf of some relatives of Prussian descent that lived in Kitchener, Ontario over a century ago.

What a great evening! Happy 12th Anniversary!

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