Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quotes from the Long Weekend

S: That was pretty crazy, Dad.
D: You're crazy.
S: No, you're crazy.
D: Actually, you are the crazy one. I checked.
S: What?
D: I went to the library and I asked them. They said it was you.
S: Did you really go to the library?
D: No.
S: We went to the library with Mom, but we just got books there.

K: Go Gabba-Gabba! Go Gabba-Gabba!
S: Why is she saying Go Gabba-Gabba? It's supposed to be Yo Gabba-Gabba.
R: She thinks that's what it says.
D: Katie, say Yes.
K: Yes.
D: Say Yohss.
K: Yohss.
D: Say Yo.
K: Yo.
D: Say Yo Gabba-Gabba.
K: Go Gabba-Gabba!
D: Good try Katie.

Singing (routine performed at least daily)--
K: A B C D E F - Diapers! Hahahahaha!
S: Good one Katie. Listen to this- A B C D E F G H I - Pants on your belly!
K: Hahahahaha! A B C D E F - Belly pants!
Both: Hahahahaha!

After hanging the outdoor Christmas lights--
K: Look! Missmiss lights!
D: Katie, say Christ-mas.
K: Missmiss.
K: Missmiss.
D: Good job Katie.

In the car--
S: Mom!
R: Shh. It's quiet time.
S: Mom, Katie fell asleep.
R: Okay, that's good. But it's still quiet time.
S: Then I am going to just think about Jesus.

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