Friday, November 02, 2012

Magic Carpet Costume Day

Katie is not in a daily preschool program, but she does attend a weekly preschool-type program put on in the community, called "Magic Carpet." Several of the people that attend happen to be her cousins or our friends from church, so she feels really comfortable there and enjoys all the songs and activities. When we went to the dance at Scott's school, she probably thought we were going to her Magic Carpet class, so she was a bit disappointed that none of her friends were there. Well, finally the big day arrived and she was able to put on her costume and go see her friends.

She really loves to wear her princess costume. We ordered it online back in September and we showed her the picture to see if she liked it. She really liked it, so we said that we would buy it for her. For the next 2 weeks she asked every day about "my pink dress". She had a hard time understanding the mechanics of online commerce.

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