Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cub Car Preparations

Our first cub car rally is officially 1 year away. In fact, it should be less than 2 weeks after Scott's 8th birthday, so I figured we needed to be ready. As preparation, I got 3 car kits to try out: one each for Scott, Katie & me. I cleared out a spot for a legit workbench in the garage, complete with lights and peg board and a vice and everything.

I also got a band saw. It was on sale.

The kids made design templates online, printed them and then coloured them in with markers. I transferred the designs onto the wooden blocks and then used the band saw to cut them out. The highlight for them was using the palm sander to smooth out the surfaces for painting. They each helped me with some of the spray painting, and then the cars were ready for wheels and stickers. Scott's first car was cut with the trusty old jig saw because Scott didn't have the patience to wait one day for the band saw. When he saw how nicely Katie's turned out with the band saw, he decided to "help" design mine.

We have learned some lessons on these cars and hopefully we can take our time to makes something really cool next spring.

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