Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quirks, Quarks, Luge and Steak

[May 27 2014]

This year I somehow ended up running an online auction as part of a big fundraiser breakfast event for Scouts in Southern Alberta.

In turned out that the night before the breakfast, I got invited to come along to a dinner with keynote speaker Bob McDonald, who is CBC Radio's main science correspondent and has been the host of the science program Quirks & Quarks for 20 years or more.

The hotel forgot to pick him up at the airport. Whoops.

One of the guests at the dinner table (a University professor) started flogging his book pretty shamelessly. I learned that Bob McDonald lives in Victoria and he loves motorcycles.

I ran 6km uphill to my truck after eating steak. During the run I stopped to take a picture of the soccer field on SAIT campus because it was so nice outside.

On the way through Capitol Hill I got chased by a cat that was defending its yard. I was genuinely afraid of the way it looked at me.

The next morning at the fundraiser event I met Mitch Malyk, Canadian luge athlete. One of the auction items was a luge ride with Mitch as your coach. A selfie ensued.

It was an interesting 24 hours.

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