Friday, June 13, 2014

Disco Duck Dance Recital

Katie is a dancer! She and her community dance school played the Wright Theatre at Mount Royal University last weekend and she was every inch a star.

The preschool dance class did one number, called "Disco Duck" and they had the CUTEST feather-and-sequin costumes you ever laid eyes on. Katie got her costume weeks before the recital and it was all she could do not to wear it all that day. We let her wear it briefly that day and then it hung safely, with the feathers intact, in her closet until the big Friday dress rehearsal.

R told her that she did such a wonderful job at the dress rehearsal and that she would most certainly do a wonderful job at the recital the next day. To that, Katie responded, "That wasn't the recital?" She got to do it two more times the next day -- which was actually a bit of a marathon event for both Katie and R. She had a crowd of 5 fans for Saturday morning (Grandma, Grandpa, Karla, Mom and Dad) and then R bought her a rose to congratulate her for her first performance on the big stage.

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