Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Indoor Soccer of the Season

[Mar 1 2014]

The last indoor soccer game of the year fell on a Saturday just an hour after one of the last sessions of early-morning Biddy Ball. Since Scott and Hayden are both on the same soccer team, and they practiced Friday evenings near our house, we threw a sleepover into the deal and made a real event out of it.

Biddy Ball has been a lot of fun this year, as the boys are getting to the older end of their age group and starting to really pick up their skills. They also love getting a juice box and a granola bar at the end. Scott was a little teary at the end because one of the other 7-year-old boys had criticized his shooting technique. The granola bar helped offset this injury.

After Biddy Ball we had to race to the other side of town to get to our soccer game. Instead of the standard game at the NW soccer dome, we had to go to the one in the NW for "MiniFest". As it turned out, the pop-up nets were tiny and the other team outmatched our boys. Their skills have come a long way this year, as they have had to play against some pretty skilled teams. It hardly compares to the outdoor league they played on in the summer, where most kids were there for the first time.

The video quality isn't perfect, as I am still learning to focus the massive zoom lens on our digital camera when filming moving subjects. Scott is #23 and Hayden is #30.

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