Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Keyboard Recital

Scott has been taking a group keyboard lesson this year. There are 5 first-year students in the class, and they have a circle of keyboards where they alternate playing alone, playing together, singing, doing rhythm on drums, and other ear-training exercises. Rather than starting with reading notes, they started with Solf├Ęge and playing in different keys by ear. It is pretty incredible how he is able to transpose the simple medlodies (which are often scales or intervals disguised as melodies) into different keys. He does worksheets during the week as well as practicing his songs.

Rather than a performance class, it is all about participation, but they still had a recital of sorts for the last few minutes of the last class of the year. Scott got to announce his two selections and then bowed once he had finished. He does really well. I sat in on the class before the recital began and I noticed that he is always the first to volunteer to play a song or to try to answer a question. He is very engaged and he is excited for next year.

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