Monday, June 23, 2014

First Real Golf Clubs

[Jun 7 2014]

While R and Katie were away for the second showing of Katie's dance recital, Scott and I prowled around the parade of garage sales in our neighbourhood and stumbled upon a fabulous find -- a nice set of left-handed golf clubs that were just Scott's size. He's right-handed, but he swings everything lefty, including a ping-pong paddle. That makes it a bit harder to track down second-hand clubs. However, we found these just 4 houses down from us for a great price.

Of course, we immediately had to go to the driving range where Scott could dispose of a basket of 50 balls in a matter of minutes. I couldn't hit any balls because my hand was still torn up, so I just watched and restrained the urge to try to coach him on his swing. He manages to figure it out on his own quite well. The only tip I gave him was to line up his club head with the ball BEFORE his backswing, so that he would be more likely to connect with it on the downswing.

When we got home he still had an insatiable appetite to hit more balls, so I rigged this tarp to catch the plastic practice ball that he would hit off the grass. He did another 30 minutes every day for the next several days, and would have done more but he doesn't really like to be out there by himself.

When Katie finally got home from her recital I lined the two of them up for a photo to send my dad for Father's Day. I found it almost comical how stereotypically boy/girl the two of them appear in the shot.

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