Saturday, October 27, 2012

Calgary Temple Youth Celebration

This weekend was the dedication for the Calgary Temple. Saturday was the youth celebration and Sunday was the dedication itself. I was part of the committee that organized West Stake's participation in the youth celebration, and we had a fantastic time performing at the Stampede Corral.

The youth depicted various aspects of Calgary and the history of the LDS Church in the area. In addition to the opening scene and the finale, our youth were in scenes depicting the introduction of ranching and farming in the area, the tradition of the Nativity Pageant at Heritage Park, and the creation of a Chinese (Mandarin-speaking) branch of the church. Our stake built a 26-person dragon that was about 100 feet long.

I got to go out and dance in the ranching number because we ended up with fewer kids than we had originally choreographed. It was tons of fun and a great experience overall.

Scott and R went to the show and Scott was pretty thrilled by the whole thing. He said he really liked the hockey scene, the chuckwagons and the dragon. Personally, I thought the RCMP Musical Ride on hobby horses was outstanding, as was the incredibly detailed Stampede scene. What a great event. It's nice to be free of the stress, but it's also sad that its over.

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mamawride said...

I just finished watching the program--WOW ! It was so good! So much work, but such a worthy cause. The kids that were in it will always remember that day! It brought back such good memories of the many years we were there.
(I loved the chuchwagon race as well. Reminded me of those crazy days of when the you kids were in the Ice Stampedes in Scouts.) Congratulations, Calagary !