Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Dance

Scott's elementary school held a Halloween dance one evening the week before Halloween and we decided to attend -- it added another exciting opportunity for the kids to get decked out in their new costumes.

While Scott was in class, R styled Katie's hair and even painted her nails. Katie was very cooperative, because she loves things to be pretty, especially when she is the thing that is pretty.

Once Scott came home, it was his turn in the chair. Since no masks are permitted at the dance, R recreated his Power Rangers Samurai mask with make-up. I think she did a fantastic job. Scott was thrilled.

We snapped a few pictures before heading off to the school, and you could tell that both kids felt transformed by their costumes. Scott threw around some pretty aggressive poses with his sword, and Katie kept her movements delicate, often spinning to twirl her skirts around. She had misunderstood the plans, thinking that she was going to HER school to dance with HER friends, so she was a bit thrown by the noisy reality of the event, but it was great all the same.

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Grandma Wride said...

Oh, the magic of Halloween! Love the costumes.