Saturday, October 13, 2012

Car Contest Quotes

S. Dad, are you going to take the truck through the car wash?
D. No.
S. But what if there is a car contest and your car still has bird poop on it? Then you wouldn't win.
D. You are right. I guess I wouldn't win.


D: Hey look, there's a boat at the gas station. Why is it there?
S: It is probably getting gas, so that it can drive on the river... or else it wouldn't be able to move at all when it was in the river.
D: What if they used a paddle? Would that work?
S: hmmm...
D: Could you say "hit it" and then they would all start paddling and you could waterski? Would it go fast enough?
S: No. Because the motorboat is too heavy and big and strong.
D: Probably.
S: You would need like 100 people paddling. Then it would work, maybe.
D: But with so many people, then the boat would sink.
S: It would need to be 100 babies! (Laughing hysterically)


Eating a popsicle
S: Mom, the first colour of the rainbow is red.
R: How do you know?
S: (Points to red on popsicle box)
R: That's not a rainbow.
S: But red is the first colour of the rainbow.
R: But how do you know?
D: Because it is the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum of light.
R: Oh, Dad has a good reason.
S: I already knew that.


After the first week of kindergarten
S: Dad, do you know what my school cares about the most?
D: What?
S: The Circle of Courage. (No further explanation given.)


S: Mom, all the kids in my class say that I am the best at everything. (No reason given.)


S: We did races today and I won.
D: Oh yeah? What race was this?
S: We had to run 30 times in the gym and I was the first one.
D: You mean you did 30 laps.
S: Uh, yes. And I was the first one done.
D: Wow. How did you keep track of how many times you went around, if it was so many?
S: We just did.
D: And you were first? By how much
S: This much (uses fingers of one hand to illustrate).

Later, at parent-teacher interviews
D: Look at this Terry Fox picture. Is this why you did so much running?
S: (Shrugs)
Teacher: What was that?
D: He told us he's been doing lots of running races.
Teacher. Oh, we do 3 laps around the gym to warm up.


S: La la la (singing)
R: Scotty, I don't hear you sing very much, but you sound so good singing.
S: (Beams)

Later, in the tub alone
S: La la la laaa...
R: (enters)
S: Did you like my singing mom?
R: Yes, it was great. Maybe now you can add some words.


S: Dad, I am the smartest one in my school.
D: Really? You think you are the smartest one in the whole school?
S: Yes.
D: How do you know?
S: Well, some of the kids think that an "F" is a "D". And I know that it's not.
D: But what if the other kids learn more things?
S: Then we might be the same.
D: Right.
S: But then I would learn more things, and I will still be the smartest one.


D: Katie, why is there a pillow under the table?
K: I wanted a pillow.
D: Are you going to sleep under there?
K: Yes.
D: Now are you sleeping, Katie? Make a sleeping sound.
K: .... Sleeping! .... Sleeping!


Roonford said...

Love the quotes, this stuff is the bomb. Wish I could regale you with some recent gems of my own, but my mind is blank. Best I have is today we were talking about the presidential debate and T was asking me if the presidents have a war after the debate (answer is no, in case you were wondering).

This brought up the topic of wars, so then he asked me who Turkey was at war with. For some reason he thinks Turkey is always at war. I told him "no, Turkey is not at war with anybody", but now there is this Syria thing going on so I had to back track on that one...

Lisa said...


Grandma Walters said...

Great conversations between child and parents! And grandpa looks like he is having fun with Katie.