Monday, October 01, 2012


Katie loves to draw. When she gets a colouring book, she doesn't try to shade in the areas completely. Instead, she fills most of the available space with little doodles. A blank sheet of paper is that much better, because she gets to use it all. She loves pens, pencils, markers -- everything. She has observed Scott and has learned to hold her pen perfectly, and her artwork can keep her occupied for very long stretches.

Recently, R noticed that Katie had filled up an entire page with a series of face-doodles. She had been making little circle-people complete with blob-bodies, smiling faces and cute little appendages.

She filled up 3 sheets of these doodles and they are the cutest thing. We sense that Katie likes free-flow and creativity, which only seems surprising because we were so accustomed to Scott's preference for order and precision. Keep up the good work, Katie!

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Grandma Walters said...

Well, your kids have two different personalities! Cute doodles, Katie!