Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Sometimes it is hard to make a costume work for trick or treating, since you have to incorporate a whole snowsuit into the ensemble. It worked out pretty well with our kids, since Scott was able to pull his costume over his snowsuit, and it just made the fake muscles look that much bigger.

Katie's princess outfit was a bit more challenging. It was pretty easy to hide her purple snowpants under her skirt, but there was no way to squeeze her coat under the top part of the dress.

Instead, we had her wear the pink faux-leather-and-fur coat that she inherited from her cousin Lacey and that helped create a really nice "snow princess" look. We added a white headband over her ears and some big purple mittens and she was ready to tour the neighbourhood.

Our first stop was the retirement home where Great Grandma and Grandpa M live. It was obvious that they were very pleased to have so many family members coming to see them. The kids were popular with the rest of the residents as well. One lady gave us two whole boxes of girl guide cookies, which seemed to be all that she had up in her room. I felt bad taking all her cookies, but they were then kind I really like, so it was a catch-22.

I love getting pictures of the kids with their great grandparents.

Once the cousins had all had a chance to show off their costumes, we piled into the cars again and headed over to R's parents' house to walk their street. We quickly split into groups based on age, and Katie and Adalia stayed together, waddling along from house to house. They would scream out "Trick or Treat" at each house and most of the ladies answering the door would shriek in delight at how tiny Adalia was. Then Adalia would say something like "Trick or Treat" or "Thank you" and they would just melt. Those little girls were so cute.

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