Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy 50th Curtis

Curtis C, one of our good friends from Ottawa, turned 50 recently. He and his family moved to Okotoks last year. We hosted a semi-surprise party at our house with Steve and Naomi N, since Steve is one of Curtis' oldest friends from their college days in Ontario. Scott hid behind the couch and jumped out to say surprise when they arrived. He was literally bouncing off the walls trying to wait for things to begin.

There was an ample supply of chicken, sparkling cider and witty conversation, so it was a fabulous evening. The kids really enjoyed helping to decorate the kitchen, and Scott was sad the next morning to hear that we had elected not to put the "Happy 50th Birthday" banners into storage.

Happy Birthday Curtis. It's been good knowing you.


Jessica said...

Why are so many people moving to Alberta?! Been there, done that. HBD to Curtis, all the same. According to Connor, seminary hasn't been quite the same without Dalan.

sheri said...

Poor Parkin. You could have turned the banner around to read 05 and saved it for later. How wasteful. I'm with him. You should have saved them. Good times.