Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

True to tradition, we carved pumpkins the Monday night before Halloween. Because the Monday was so close to the big day, pickings were slim at the grocery store, so we ended up with really large, somewhat nasty pumpking with stringy guts that were REALLY hard to scoop out. Katie kept saying over and over: "It's gross in there."

Scott drew a picture of the face that he wanted carved on his pumpkin. He drew a eyes and a mouth and then decided he wanted to add a nose. Since there wasn't enough room in the middle of the picture, he drew the nose off the to side and labeled it with the letter "N" for clarity. I thought that was hilarious for some reason. Scott was very impressed with the way that I extinguished the match after lighting his pumpkin -- I shook it back and forth vigourously until it went out. You could tell he had never considered such a thing was possible.

The face for Katie's pumpkin was created based on her instructions. I asked her if she wanted triangle eyes or square eyes. She said triangle. I asked if she wanted a happy face or a mad face. She said happy. I asked if she wanted teeth or no teeth. She chose teeth. We make quite a team.

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