Saturday, March 02, 2013

Penguins and Mud at the Zoo

We had pretty much the warmest February ever and then once March hit, we got a massive dump of snow. Fortunately, we got to the zoo and saw the penguins on one of the warmer days before the snow dropped, because honestly, who wants to see penguins with a bunch of snow all over the place? Seems a bit overdone, if you ask me.

The day was supposed to be the last good one before the snow, but it turned out to be pretty chilly, actually. After waiting outside to see the penguins march by we more or less hopped from one indoor venue to the next.

The kids really liked holding onto the tail-like lead on Adalia's backpack harness and fights almost broke out about who would get the next turn. Scott was the one holding the reins when "the incident" happened. He and Adalia hopped up on a curb to go around an oncoming convoy of strollers, but the grass on top gave way to some pretty deep mud. I turned around just in time to see Adalia stumble and then fall headlong into the mud. Face, hands, stomach, knees, everything. It was surreal. It was like something you see in a movie, where someone is completely covered.

With the help of three sets of hands and most of a pack of baby wipes, we had her looking presentable again. The only photo I got was after the clean-up. In the heat of the moment, my first thought was not to stop and take a picture. That's a good thing, I suppose.

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