Saturday, March 23, 2013

Run for l'Arche 2013 Half Marathon

This year is to be a full marathon, so I set my sights on a half-marathon run in March to get an early start on the season. I had been doing 5-7km runs a few days each week as part of my commute during the winter, but I scaled it up in February to get ready for the race. One foggy morning I did a 15km training run from Shouldice Park to Fort Calgary in -9C weather, which resulted in a very frosty beard.

Race day was perfect. It was about -5C, sunny and hardly a breeze in the air. The course along the Bow River was all part of my regular commute and flat, so I didn't have to fight any hills. I turned on an audio book and settled into a rythmn, slowly building speed into the second half of the race. The result was a personal best of just over 1h 40min. I tried to speed it up some more near the finish line but my quivering hamstrings said no.

Both my family and a pancake breakfast were waiting for me at the finish line. We enjoyed the food in the warmth of the Eau Claire indoor playground. Then I went back to work. I have to admit, the race and food was more fun than working.


mamawride said...

Way to go, Derek!! Love the frosty beard.

Lisa said...

Come on down to Louisville and join us for the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon and Marathon! Come on! We are running through Churchill Downs!

margo said...