Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swim Kids

The kids are two weeks into their new swim lessons. This was Katie's first unparented lesson and Scott's first venture into the non-preschool world of "Swim Kids". Both Katie and Scott were at the very youngest end for their respective classes, and it was clearly a challenge for both of them. It was difficult to say who was more concerned about it -- our kids flailing around in the pool or R sitting on the sidelines.

Having completed the preschool swim program all the way through, Scott was eligible to go into Swim Kids 2, rather than the introductory-level Swim Kids 1. On day one of lessons the instructor told them all to jump in and swim across the pool. Some of the kids were older than Scott and had taken SK2 previously, so they did quite well. He swallowed a lot of water, but he made it. The instructor reassured R afterwards that he is fine where he is and he just "needs to keep working on his endurance."

Katie is barely old enough to be in an unparented swim class now. She is probably average height, but there is another girl in her class who looks way older than her. On day one of class the instructor had them dunking their heads and trying to lie flat in the water. Katie was very brave and did everything she was asked without much fuss. However, when she gets a bit excited about something she tends to open her mouth really wide, which is a problem in submarine activities.

After her first lesson she was excited to tell me about her swimming; however, when it was time to get ready for week 2, she showed some reservations about going back. I promised her that I would come to the pool after work and watch her swim. Once again she was very brave and did everything she was asked, including a lot of dunking her face in the water. The instructor gave her a high-five every time and we clapped for her from the sidelines. Both R and I felt really good about the progress that both kids are making. R said it was much easier to watch the second week.

I suppose parents also need to work on their endurance. Watching from the sidelines can be good for that.

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Jenny said...

I love your story telling abilities and can always count on a good laugh when I read your blog! Thanks for the laugh today :)