Friday, March 01, 2013

So Helpful

Scott is growing more and more independent all the time. But rather than being rebellious, he often demonstrates his independence by being helpful. For example, recently he has gotten up several times before everyone else and has set the table for breakfast of his own accord.

I also notice how great he is at getting himself ready for bed. It used to be a bit of a battle and it would drag out for a long time, but now he runs off to get ready for bed and does everything himself. I meet him in his room for prayers and reading and it is really pleasant.

One reason he goes so fast is that we don't let the two kids use the bathroom at the same time (they can't leave each other alone in there) and he wants to be sure that he gets there before Katie. Whatever the reasons, he is making his own choices and he is really growing up. He's almost six!

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