Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beware the Bass Pro Bunny

On Good Friday we took a trip to the Cross Iron Mills Mall to take part in the Easter Egg hunt at the Bass Pro store, to get a photo with the Easter Bunny and to take in a Thomas the Tank Engine show that was there, since we were in the neighbourhood.

Jenny sent her kids in to pose with the Easter Bunny, with Alli holding little baby Elijah. The Easter Bunny held out his hands to take the baby and Alli handed him over without question. The combination of the shimmering-white bunny, the tiny little babe, and the shrieking of little Adalia made for quite a scene. We decided to jam our kids into the tableau to take the drama up a notch. I strategically placed Katie as far from the Bunny as possible and told her to hold Hayden's hand to minimize the chance of a panic attack.

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