Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hunting Easter Eggs

Every day for a week leading up to Easter Saturday, Scott said, "I can't wait for Easter -- it's only __ days away!"

Consistent with previous years, the Easter Bunny visited our house a day earlier than most, giving the kids all of Saturday morning to search for eggs, leaving Sunday morning free to focus on attending church and observing the more spiritual side of the holiday.

Friday night they left their baskets out on the kitchen floor to be easily accessible for the Easter Bunny (do they not recall that this same bunny has left candies hidden on top of picture frames in the past?) and dashed off to bed. In the morning, they were so engrossed by the loot waiting in their baskets that they could hardly stay focused on hunting for the hidden treats.

Scott stubbed his toe pretty hard while trying to get to a jelly bean before Katie. I picked him up and helped wipe his tears. He said he was sad that he got hurt AND Katie still got to the jelly bean first. Katie said, "No, Scotty, I put the candy in your basket for you." She is such a little sweetheart.

With a little prodding from me they managed to find the rest of the candies. Apparently, my memory for this sort of thing improved since that previous incident.

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