Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Easter Bunny Will Be Mad

For our FHE activity the Monday before Easter we hid 12 plastic eggs around the room that the kids had to find. Each numbered egg had something in it that relates to the easter story, and the final one is empty, to represent the empty tomb.

The next evening when I was home alone with the kids we decided to hide them again. It didn't take them too long to find them the previous night, so Scott asked me to be even trickier. I found some pretty good hiding places, and it took them quite a long time, and at the end there was one egg they couldn't find -- and I couldn't remember where I'd hidden it. I helped them ransack the main floor for several minutes past their bedtime and finally I said that they should just go to bed without it and that it would surely turn up the next day.

Katie said, "Oh no. The Easter Bunny will be mad."

Fortunately, Katie decided she couldn't go to bed without getting a drink. Afterwards, when she put her empty cup on the table she noticed that there was an egg hidden in Scott's red plastic cup on the table.

Katie saved the day. The Easter Bunny will be pleased.

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mamawride said...

Good philosophy to live by: Never make the Easter Bunny mad.