Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lego Club Jr Winner

We got a phone call from a functionary stationed at a desk somewhere in the cavernous recesses of Fort Lego, informing us that Scott was a winner in their Lego Club Jr quarterly builder competition. His Chima Racetrack entry photo will be featured in the fall issue of the newsletter along with 2 other winners. A $50 Lego gift card would arrive in the mail as his prize.

To his credit, Scott took a few dollars from his savings and donated it to the Red Cross for flood relief. He is a wealthy young man of means and has the wherewithal to make such contributions. This donation pushed back his acquisition of the Lego Ninjago board game, but now that knew he would be getting the Lego Ninjago Golden Dragon set at no cost, he could certainly handle the extra wait.

He was also kind enough to donate $5 of his winnings to Katie, so that she could get a little Lego treehouse with a cute little squirrel in it. He used the remaining $3 to buy a Lego keychain featuring a Count Dracula minifigure with a head that glows in the dark.

Thank you Lego overlords. You will always have our gratitude and our allegiance.

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Allyson said...

Awesome! Way to go, Scott!